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Barbershop Tableaux, Johnsonville, 1970s Photo by Wilson Brownell 

Mr. Schmitt was particularly interested in the male grooming culture of the 19th century.

Before the creation of Johnsonville, he had amassed a large collection of barber chairs, razors and other associated materials.  It was a matter of course that the barbershop scenes would become a mainstay at the museum. 

In addition to a post office, restaurant, stable, sawmill, and chapel, the imagined community of Historic Johnsonville was complete with the quaint house billed as the Johnsonville Barbershop.

Once again, dummies were a part of the display. Live interpretation was common at the time and Historic Johnsonville represented  a mix of the tableaux and face to face philosophies, seen in the photo.  Living history sites today have retired the mannequins in favor of label text and costumed guides.

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Barbershop View 7-1070.bmp

View of Johnsonville Road and Barbershop building, looking Northeast, 1970s. Photo by Wilson Brownell